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Fire Swamp Provisions

Treating Ourselves Since 2020

"Don't be aren't that great."

-Golda Meir

The idea for Fire Swamp Provisions was created when the pandemic started and my normal gig of fancy in-home dinner parties suddenly became basically impossible. Daycare for our toddler son closed, and systemic racism came to the forefront of the cultural zeitgeist.  It felt like the iron was hot and it was time to strike.

I saw that a friend was participating in a fundraiser called "Bakers Against Racism" and I thought "hey! I like baking and hate racism!"

I had been playing around with some sourdough, like basically everyone at the beginning of this thing, and it seemed like the time to try it out.  I baked some loaves of bread and some bagels and donated the proceeds to the fundraiser, which stipulated that the funds should go to organizations supporting racial justice.  After some research, I chose the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, specifically the Voting Right's focus.  As of this writing, we've donated over $5,000.

The fundraiser was a great success, so on a total whim, I started a little Facebook group called "Chef Alex's Weekly Treats" and before long, several hundred people had requested to join.  I started making all sorts of treats (with materials sourced from local farms) to sell to my local community, and continued donating a percentage of all proceeds to the NAACP LDF.

Deciding it was time to turn this into a real business, here we are.  Still donating a percentage of proceeds, still sourcing the absolute best ingredients I can find, and still trying to find time to do it while raising two young kids.

Thanks for the support, and please reach out if you have a question or just want to say hi.


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