Limone Conservato (Preserved Lemon Puree)

Special Guest Chef Product!


Made with my lemons by a friend and super talented colleague, Chef Tony Adams of Mill Valley Pasta Co.  Check him out on out Farms & Friends Page!



Per Tony:


Limone Conservato is an incredibly versatile condimento found in our kitchen at all times. Inspired by North African preserved lemons, ours is a bit different, first curing whole organic meyer lemons (grown in Novato California by Chef Alex Tishman) in salt and sugar, and then pureeing them with some simple syrup. The result is a complex puree that is a little bitter, a little salty, a little sweet, and a LOT lemony. We add a tablespoon to our favorite lemony pastas, soups, and even marinate meat overnight in it. The consistency and texture of a savory lemon curd, this is also welcome on cheese and charcuterie boards, or on top of ricotta, yogurt, or ice cream! It’s addictive!


This sauce is vegan and contains no preservatives.



Not available to pick up at the farmer's market, only pre-arranged garage pick up for now.

Limone Conservato, 8 oz.

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